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Jul 30

Building a home again and need some advice about colour both exterior and interior

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (7986)
Hello ,  Thank you for your interest . Building is a great opportunity to truly express yourself and get comfortable in your space . I enjoy assisting people throughout the process and refer to this as a construction consultation . During this consultation i... [ more ]
Jun 15

When a buyer wants to extend the closing date to a later date what are the vendor's options if he declines? Is this a practical move? Les

Expert Question posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (9201)
Hi there:  If a buyer cannot close on the closing date set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the seller can agree to extend that date, if he is so inclined.  Sometimes monetary inducements are given as a result of such a request by the Buyer, as... [ more ]
Jun 8

Could I get the number of the exterior painter by the name of Jamie???? He comes recommended by a colleague of mine and I would like to have him come out and give me an estimate. Thanks so much, Lianne Hodgins

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (7955)
Thank you so much for your inquiry!  Jamie Stokes is one of our painters and your friends advice is correct ! The best number to contact him at is 705-791-2775 ! If you need any other assistance please feel free to try me at the store any weekday morning at... [ more ]
May 18

Pheonenmal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

Expert Question posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (7185)
Thanks! [ more ]
Feb 13


Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (19624)  ::  (1 comments)
Clients of mine recently purchased a property, only to discover on closing that the air conditioner had been removed right before closing. They now find themselves in the midst of a small claims court action for damages for the loss of the value of the unit... [ more ]
Nov 14

Buying a House (with your parents)

Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (17337)
Back in “the day” when a young person buying a home needed some help from his/her parents to get their first mortgage, the parents would act as “guarantors” of the mortgage.  This obviously came with risk to the parents, but more often... [ more ]
Oct 8

What is a colour consultation?

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (11442)
Good morning! Thank you for your inquiry. A paint colour consultation takes approximately one hour. During that time we review your likes and dislikes and how we can enhance the fixed elements of your home. I try to focus on delivering the style or personality... [ more ]
Jun 13

Seller Property Information Sheet (SPIS) – Just Don’t Go There!

Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (32340)  ::  (2 comments)
Here is a copy of a blog posted on Barriston LLP's web site: written by David Lucenti, Associate.  Thansk David! A couple of weeks ago, a client came in to see me regarding the sale of her home.  She... [ more ]
Apr 18

How much does it cost for a consultation?

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (12327)
The cost for a whole home consultation is just $150 and takes about an hour to an hour and a half. During this time we focus on making the space feel perfect for you! I believe strongly in redesign and work with many of your existing pieces while giving you an up to... [ more ]
Apr 9

That hits the target perfeclty. Thanks!

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (11695)
GREAT ! love to help ! [ more ]
Mar 24

Hi Sue, We want to refinish our kitchen cabinets and staircase banister and spindles. We want a dark espresso for the kitchen and the white spindles with a cherry stain for the banister to match our Brazilian hardwood floors. Can you recommend a striping product and stain. Also, the steps to take to prepare and complete out 2 projects. Thank you

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (11794)
Many thanks for your inquiry and my apologies for the late response...The substrate of the cabinet will really determine the type of application you can do . I would recommend bringing a drawer or door front into Allandale to have one of our designers take a peak .... [ more ]
Dec 13

Hi Sue You helped us choose our colours when we purchased our new home. We are now in need of updating our kitchen and wonder if you could give us some advice on cabinet refacing as well as countertops, etc. and colour selection. Gwen Scorns

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (17123)
Hi ! Great to hear from you again !    I definitely can help with that. I'm at     Alllandale  Decorating  Centre every morning from 8am to about 10    at    705 739 7730    or... [ more ]
Dec 5

I have an extreme allergy to latex. I have been told by my allergist to find a paint that does not contain latex in it. I need to paint my home before putting it up for sale. Could you please recommend something?

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay  ::  Views (14858)
 Hi, There are a lot of products on the market now that claim to be '0' V.O.C. and environmentally friendly . Many of these products will not off gas until they are tinted. Benjamin Moore's products like Ecospec or Natura are completely free of Voc's and used... [ more ]
Oct 31

Barriston LLP Announcement

Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (26484)  ::  (1 comments)
Barriston LLP, Emerges As Simcoe County's Largest Full Service Law Firm Effective, October 1, 2011, Burgar Rowe Professional Corporation and Purser Dooley Cockburn Smith LLP, two of the most respected law firms in the region have merged and rebranded to become... [ more ]
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