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Mar 23

Hello Sue, I have a client who wants to repaint the exterior of their home. Its the big "rogers house" at 122 Sunnidale, you may know it? Anyway can you recommend someone for exterior painting that will be reasonable, qualified and do a great job? Stephen Stables Century 21

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Hello Stephen, I am familiar with that house and I have always admired it. Are they planning on changing the existing colour because that will influence the price. I have just the gentleman for you that will do a super job. His name is Reuben, and can be found at 705 795 4587. If Reuben is... [ more ]
Feb 26

How much does it cost for a consultation?

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Good morning! Thank you for your inquiry. A paint colour consultation takes approximately one hour. During that time we review your likes and dislikes and how we can enhance the fixed elements of your home. I try to focus on delivering the style or personality you would like to portray in the... [ more ]
Dec 10

What is the cost of a colour consultation please and what does it include?

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 Hi Thanks for inquiring. A consultation generally takes about an hour sometimes an hour and a half. The flat fee inside the Barrie area is $150.00. During the consultation we review short and long term goals and how to enhance your existing hard elements often avoiding costly changes . The... [ more ]
Nov 16

I just had Terry LeClair over to give me an assessment of my house. I mentioned I would like to paint my hallway and he suggested I contact you. What is the cost and when can I book a consultation with you?

posted by Bonnie Branch to Sue Kay  ::  Views (13295)
Hi , Painting a hallway can be a daunting task. Is yours two storey or open to a foyer below ? These are things that definitely can effect the price.  A great painter to talk to should you decide to go the route of a professional , is Daryl Bedard @ 726-6289,  he  is very fairly... [ more ]
Nov 5

What are some of the upcoming trends?

posted by Deanna McIvor to Sue Kay  ::  Views (12628)
There are four predominant looks for 2011. 'Farm' which is a new twist on country that's much more simplified and minimalist with natural tones punctuated by small amounts of fresh brights or deep classic navy and brown. 'Order' is a contemporary look that is dominated by repetition and... [ more ]
Oct 20

What is one of the best enhancements I can do when selling my home?

posted by Christie Bond to Sue Kay  ::  Views (11874)
The best thing to do is curb appeal. Now everybody talks about curb appeal, but what is that? Anything that enhances the entry way from the driveway on . Always make sure the exterior is very well maintained and de-cluttered around  the front door. If it is within your budget to make any... [ more ]
Jul 1

Can I ask a Realtor what the previous home sales were and the amounts they sold for, before I consider an offer?

posted by Valerie Martel to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (10713)
Hmmm...this is more of a question for a realtor than a lawyer I think...I am fairly sure they can access the last transaction so I believe they can tell you what the Vendors purchased the home for.  I am not sure if they can go back further than that.  If you really want to know, your... [ more ]
Jun 21

what would be the separate schools (both elementary level & high school) for this property on 49 Ridgeway Ave ? thanks

posted by Janice to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (10652)
Sorry, I do not know the answer to this, however, I believe the school boards have a web site which allows you to do a search by address, to determine what school area you are in.  Try googling the Simcoe County Catholic School Board to find the site!  Good luck! [ more ]
Jun 8

What is included in an Inspection?

posted by Mike petik to Peter Frueh  ::  Views (7922)
Mike: A home inspection is a visual examination of the structure and function of the home and major appliances. The time taken depends on the size of the home. We encourage you to attend, and we show you any problems or issues and discuss maintenance items. If you have specific questions, you can... [ more ]
May 11

Why is HST added to a condo status certificate when the Act says that the fee includes all applicable taxes?

posted by Merv Burgard to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (10386)
Actually, you are correct, in that Ont. Reg 48/01 does stipulate in section 18(2) that a status certificate cost shall not exceed $100.00, inclusive of all applicable taxes.  However, in my experience, most condo corps have been charging $100 plus GST.  With the advent of the HST, I can... [ more ]
Mar 27

What are your legal fees and what is included in the fees when one is purchasing a first time home?

posted by Rachel Berry to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (10029)
Thanks for asking!  Our fee for a purchase with one mortgage  is $900.00 plus GST.  Then there are "disbursements" on top of that - these are out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us in order to complete your purchase (like registration fees, title insurance fees,... [ more ]
Feb 16

I have been advised to make my offer conditional upon the approval of my lawyer. Is this necessary? If so, what is the fee for this service and how long would it take for you to approve/disapprove from the time I submit it into your office?

posted by Jeff to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (9937)
Sorry this has taken me so long - I was away on vacation last week!  You may have already proceeded, but yes, it is typical to make an offer conditional upon solicitor's approval - I can usually review and comment on an offer within 1 business day but it's nice to have 2 just in case. ... [ more ]
Dec 20

Should I have my lawyer review my offer before accepting? If so, why would it be a good idea? Is there an extra cost for this service? I have heard that it is a wise idea. Thank you.

posted by Carolyn to Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (9773)
Hi! It is a good idea to have your lawyer review your offer. There is usually not an additional cost to this, if you are using the lawyer for the transaction, unless he/she is required to get involved with negotiations or major changes to the Agreement. Usually, this is not the case, as the agent... [ more ]
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